Change reality by finding freedom within.

Freedom. The state of being where one totally feels allowed to express oneself fully. The state of being which allows one to be without limitations.

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Freedom is a value that many chase in life. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, it’s a value which often ranks highest on top of the most-wanted list. Sadly enough, more then often, it also ranks highest on top of the most-missing in life list. Why is that? Why is something so valuable, so important to us, also that which many never seem to reach?

The truth is, spiritually seen, it always has been within our reach. Ready to be released on our count. But mentally seen, on the other hand, it keeps slipping away further and further. The more we try to chase it, the further it seems to go. And the cause of this lays not so much in the actual reachability of freedom but more so in the allowance of our mind to feel it. Our own judgment whether we deserve it or not. And the way how we envision freedom to look like.

In modern-day society, and many ages before, people look at freedom as a goal you should work for. Something that is only available when you suffered enough and you finally feel like you deserve it. Something that is found within material, money, fame, status or external-acceptance. But this is far from the truth. Freedom is not a ‘future’ goal to strive for. Nor can it be found within the form of material possessions. Because, first of all, all happens within the now. There is no real ‘future’ beside the one that we imagine in your mind. But as long as you can’t accept seeing freedom in your present, it will always stay in that future vision. Besides that when you focus on striving for freedom without mentally matching your thoughts with the vibration of freedom, you will never reach it. You will always feel like you need to do more in order to feel fully free. This means that that ultimate freedom that you try to reach will endlessly be put further. Secondly, we need to detach from the idea that freedom can be bought or found in material possessions. It is not the physical form who gives us that feeling of freedom, it’s the value of freedom that we are seeking behind it. The possibility to feel free to do whatever we want, to express however we want, to be whoever we want. But why wouldn’t this be something that we are already capable to do? What is really stopping us? Confirmation to be?

It’s not a matter of doing. It’s a matter of BEING free. You can’t work for it. You need to choose it. Focusing on freedom as a goal, a doing, has its limits. And that limit is that you can’t strive for something in the physical world which needs to be reached in the inner world. You can’t find true long-lasting freedom in material achievements or physical actions. As there will always be a time where the earthly limits of materialism and the ego-based approach will leave you unfulfilled, unhappy and stuck again. And with these mental limits, there is no freedom. It is just a vicious circle of trying, reaching, achieving, short-term joy and sudden need for more. Freedom comes from the moment you let go of all those attachments, the moment you let go of external expectations, the moment that you free yourself from the idea that you need to work for it. Freedom will come from the moment that you accept that it was always there. It is all a matter of choice. It is all a matter of the approach that you choose to take towards life. You are already free, you just need to believe it yourself.

Free yourself and let go of the idea of seeing freedom as your goal.
Activate it right now. It’s longing to get out.

Love & light

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