What you seek is seeking you.

Make sure that it finds its way to you. Align with it.

☽ ∆ ☾

That which we long for as human-level beings and that which our soul longs for is one and the same. It’s not always known by words but it can always be felt by the heart. In this period of time, during the journey of our human existence, many of us start to awaken to the inner knowing that there is more in life than what they’ve currently experienced. This can arise as a vague feeling of missing. This missing can cause an unsatisfied or unfilled state of being when it’s not approached with a gentle touch of deep understanding. And this is what many people experience these days. They try to understand this sudden remembering of desire on the level of the mind. Inner wisdom which the mind cannot grasp on an intellectual level. Inner wisdom which the mind often will translate in thoughts of lack. Thoughts with a very low energetic vibration. Which on its turn will push you even further away from that which you actually long to attract in your life. Don’t try to understand inner wisdom with the mind which can only be understood with the heart.

Just know that, whatever you are looking for, what your soul is looking for is on its way to find you as well. The reason that you long for it on a heart-level is that it is meant to be in your life. Not always in the form that your mind translated it, but in the form that your soul knows that is for your greater good. The reason that this awakened knowledge arises into your consciousness is that you are meant to invite it into your life now. In the realm beyond your conscious human-self, your soul already planned for you to step into this quest. Finding what lightens you up the most is what will bring you closest to your true self. It is part of the journey of awakening to your most authentic truth. It is part of the journey for you to awaken so you can inspire others to awaken as well.

But again. To find that which you are looking for, you should not try to desperately search for it in the external world. Rather align yourself with its energy by doing all that feels good, all that lightens up your day. As you follow your heart, in even the smallest aspects of your knowledge, you will help yourself in aligning your energy with that of which you are seeking. And from the moment that divine alignment took place, it will find its way to you. It will find you by following your aligned vibrating energy.


Love & light

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