How To Use Vulnerability As Your Guide

The act of opening up. The step where many are afraid of. A lot of the times, vulnerability gets linked with the sign of naivety or weakness. Therefore, it gets often pushed away or hidden. In our society, the opposite is praised. Not showing emotions, self-defense and putting up a wall, is seen as the ideal ‘mental’ state of being. But is being vulnerable really a sign of weakness? And is hiding your emotions really the key to the successful life? Or is this just our made up believe? A believe that is created because of our fears of rejection and judgment?

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Why Do We Fear Being Vulnerable?

Being vulnerable means opening up completely. Showing your true authentic self with all its strengths and flaws. Speaking honestly and openly without any inhibitions. Therefore, vulnerability also means, exposing yourself to possible hurts, rejections or disappointments. There is no doubt in that. And that’s why many people fear to be vulnerable. They are afraid of the possible outcomes that it would get them. Because, who likes to be hurt or disappointment? I guess… very few! But still, it’s imperative to understand that the risk of getting hurt should never be placed above the ability to stay true to yourself. Opening yourself up and being your authentic self, gives you the chance to live a life of joy and fulfillment. It gives you the chance to be human. And humans aren’t perfect, not at all. The beautiful truth is, we don’t have to be. Our differences, our strengths, our flaws are the ones who make us unique.

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Vulnerability As A Sign Of Strength

And as unusual as it may sound, vulnerability is actually a sign of deep strength! It’s not those who avoid, play a facade or who suppress their feelings that are strong ones. No, it’s those who are confident enough to show their true feelings and who are not afraid of being vulnerable. Those are the brave ones! It requires a lot of courage to open yourself up and to put yourself out there, knowing that you could possibly get hurt. Accepting that uncertainty of getting every possible outcome. The possibility of getting hurt shouldn’t stop you from being YOU. Because if you are strong enough to put yourself out there. Then YES my friend, you are strong enough to overcome that hurt. It is all about how you choose to respond to it. How you choose to look at it. Do you look at a negative answer as a failure or an embarrassment? Or do you look at it as you being total authentic self, while getting out of that comfort zone? You being proud of staying true to yourself, no matter the outcome. Because, is the ability to stay true to yourself not much more important than whatever answer you might get?

Vulnerability As Your Guide

Showing your vulnerability can actually help you in many ways. It shows you what is really important to you, what you are passioned about and what matters the most. Besides that, it can also help you with connecting with yourself and others on a much more deeper level!


Why Should You Embrace Vulnerability More Often?

➺ It increases your self-awareness and knowledge as it gives you a direction in what you really love, what matters and what you are passioned about.

➺ It can strengthen your relationships as your vulnerability can create a bond of mutual trust and acceptance. If both parties feel like they can relate and understand, this can actually be beneficial for both. This sort of deeper connection can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship or relationship. A bond that is based on honesty, trust, and inter-alignment.

➺ It helps you grow in many ways. Every challenge in life, like putting yourself out there, is filled with many essential lessons. It can strengthen your confidence, increase your wisdom and therefore improve your self-development.

➺ It allows you to live more freely. Because what feels freer than the ability to live life as your true authentic self?

➺ It opens up new doors. Showing your vulnerability can create new opportunities that you might not have had if you would not step out of that comfort zone.

So, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Vulnerability can be such a beautiful asset in life. For a matter of fact, I’m challenging you. I challenge you to be open and honest without inhibitions for the duration of at least 2 weeks. See how much it changes you. How it becomes easier every time. And how it liberates you from that constant hiding. You will notice the benefits of honest and openly speaking. It’s not all rainbows and glitter but it will get you far more than putting up that guard.

Love & Joy

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