Start Your Day Powerful And Mindful: What I Do Every Morning

Today I wanted to share with you a more personal blog post. My daily morning routine. The reason why I chose this topic is because I feel like this could help many people out. I noticed that a lot of people really rush through their mornings, every day. Automatic pilot and no focus on self-care. But, really guys, your mornings must be sacred! No doubt! Your mornings can actually influence your whole mood during the day. So, if you didn’t have a great start of the day, well, then there is a good chance that your whole day can fall apart. It doesn’t HAVE to be like this, because it still all depends on your attitude and choices to respond mindfully. But STILL, having that powerful morning routine can prevent a lot of unnecessary struggles during the day. It can clear your mind, strengthen your emotional stability and brighten up your attitude.

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My Powerful And Mindful Morning Routine

The reason why I’m sharing MY routine is that it helped me a lot along my journey. It helped me to become stronger, to become more focused and to be grateful towards the little things in life. It raises my energy and it lowers my sensitivity to fears and mood swings. It’s my way to start my day positive and powerful. So here they are, the 10 steps of my morning routine


1. I Drink A Sip Of Water Before Starting Anything

During the night, you lose a lot of water. Your body needs that water to manage many vital functions. It needs it to operate well. This means that by morning, your body gets pretty dehydrated. And it’s imperative for your overall health to keep your water level as optimal as possible! So it’s so important to start your day with some hydration. Pure water! It fires up your metabolism, it gets you hydrated again, it helps to remove toxins and it gives your brain a refreshing boost. Reward your body for all its hard work during the night.

2. Time For A (Short) Meditation Session

Before I start my day, I always do some meditation. And this doesn’t need to be half an hour. If you can just do a strong 10 min, then that is just fine! Even those 10 minutes can make a change. Doing meditation in the morning can strengthen your attitude, body, and mind, during the day. By doing meditation you choose calm over being chaotic. It trains your brain in becoming more focused, disciplined and relaxed. Besides that, it can really raise your energy and positive vibration. Negativity will have less of an impact because of your strong set foundation. You will rule your day!

3. I Always Close The Session With A Gratitude Attitude

I don’t open my eyes after my meditation session until I did some gratitude practice. What I mean by this is that I openly share my gratitude with the universe. Every detail, every moment, every experience. It doesn’t only make me feel more one with the planet and the universe. It also raises my positive vibrations and it boosts my happiness level. It remembers me to see more clearly, to listen more carefully, to love more deeply, to enjoy more intensely, to embrace more frequently. It makes me awaken. It awakens me to all beauty that many refuse to see.

4. Stretch Those Muscles

When you just woke up, your body can feel a little sour. This means that your muscles need some stretching. So before I get out of bed, I start my stretching moment. This is just a 5 min stretch before getting to my yoga practices. There my stretching will continue of course.

5. Yes, Yes, Yoga!

Then it is time for some YOGA! I just love doing my daily yoga! I do understand that this step isn’t possible for everyone. Not if you have a very short morning. But you can still decide to wake up a little earlier. You might not like the waking up earlier at first, but you’ll get used to that. Yoga is so worth it! Just like meditation, yoga helps me with getting into balance and relax mode and it creates inner stability. Besides that, it helps me with my natural energy flow and raises my positive vibration.

6. Starting The Day with A Powerful And Healthy Breakfast

No great morning, without a great and HEALTHY breakfast! Yes, yes, if you want to start your day powerful, you need to eat some good fuel. Make sure that you have time to properly prepare your breakfast. And if you feel like you lack time for this, then I would suggest to prepare it the evening before. But don’t skip your breakfast! There are no excuses for this! And don’t randomly put foods in your mouth with a mindless attitude. Choose your breakfast wisely. Your breakfast is the KEY when it comes to your overall health, daily happiness, and strong mindset. Without a great breakfast, your energy will be low, your mood even lower and your positive mindset will eventually crash.

7. Journal Your Thoughts

Start your day with a clear mind by writing down everything that pops into it. Just give yourself some time, even when it’s just for 5 minutes, to openly write without judgment. Writing can really help to get new perspectives, clarity, and strong ideas. It also helps with getting more structure in your day to day planning routine. Goodbye chaotic and stressy mind.

8. Get Dressed With Some Powerful Audio

I always get dressed while listening to either an audiobook or some powerful affirmations. This is my mind fuel to start my mornings motivated and dedicated. It trains my brain in becoming more productive, educated and wise. And what is easier than being able to learn and listen to powerful audio while you can stay on track in your morning routine? It makes my mornings real fun and so interesting.

9. Smile To Yourself In the Mirror

Show yourself some love, you deserve it! I always smile to myself when I look into the mirror. Why? Because I love myself! I am grateful for my body. I am grateful for my whole being. And that is one of my ways to show it. By smiling to myself and giving myself some compliments. Not because I need self-confirmation, no, because I truly care about myself. And I really know I deserve it. I deserve self-love. Just like you all deserve it!

10. Step Outside, Close Your Eyes For A Second, Breath In That Fresh Prana And Decide To Start Your Day Positive.

Before you get into that car, on that bike or start your (work) day in general, you need to step outside, breath and pick the right mindset. Starting your day positivily is all about attitude. Ground yourself and become mindful of your behavior. No day should be TOO hard for you. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Love & Joy

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8 thoughts on “Start Your Day Powerful And Mindful: What I Do Every Morning

  1. Ik begin de ochtend met een boterham, wat werk en daarna ga ik 45 minuten hardlopen en daarna 10 minuten mediteren. Dat doe ik al jaren zo, en werkt goed voor mij.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hier moet ik dus ook écht wat mee gaan doen. Ik begin met koffie (erg hé!) en daarna een ontbijtje. Verder mediteer ik niet, doe niet aan yoga en een powerfull ontbijt zit er ook niet in (hup een boterham en gaan!). Je inspireert me om het eens anders te doen!


    1. Super leuk om te horen dat mijn artikel jou inspireert! Het is alvast een zeer leuke routine om te volgen, het creëert echt een gevoel van innerlijke rust en positieve energie om je dag te starten. 😉


  3. Ik heb nu met mijn verlof een heel ander en relaxter ochtendritme. Heerlijk! Ik begin met een kopje thee en heb nu dagen vrij, i.p.v. dat ik om 07:00 op mijn werk moet staan. Als onze kleine frummel er is ben ik erg benieuwd naar onze ‘nieuwe’ ochtendroutine 🙂


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