Key To Success: The Powerful Impact Of Taking Risks

When it comes to taking risks, many choose rather to watch it from the sideline than to participate. This is because taking risks walks hand in hand with coming out of that comfort zone. And it’s staying in that safe and comfortable space often leads to dependency. People start to depend on that feeling of comfort, routine, and safety. They feel like they need it in order to survive in this world. But the opposite is true! It’s only when you decide to step outside of that comfort zone, that real life begins. A life that allows growth, success, and fulfillment. And of course, it is full of ups and downs. But how can you ever really know what actual living is if you didn’t even dare to try it out?

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The Anxiety Of The Unknown

I get it, it can be scary sometimes. It asks self trust, universal trust and willpower to step outside of that comfort zone with having no clue of what will happen eventually. But it’s only out of that comfort zone that change can happen. And it’s only by allowing change into your life, that you are able to grow. But why is it now that people often feel so scared of the unknown? Why are many so afraid of taking a risk?

First of all: Is it that wrong to stay in the comfort zone?
It’s actually not about right or wrong. It’s all about how far are you willing to go in order to live life in the most fulfilling way? Ok, maybe there are some people who feel like they are content with where they are at right now. But is just being ‘content’ the thing you want to settle for? If so, no problem. Not everyone dreams about adventurous or ambitious lives. But believe me, even when you feel like you are content with where you are at right now, risks will always cross your path. Because risks don’t have a specific ‘possible danger’ level. What might feel like a risk for one, might not feel like a risk for another? And the less a risk-taker that you are, the more the smallest changes might feel like a risk to you. So, to come back to the question of ‘Is it that wrong to stay inside of the comfort zone?’. Well, if you want fears, big choices or impactful decisions to feel less frightening, then taking more risks is exactly what you should do. If you want to grow and change in your life, getting out of that comfort zone is what NEEDS to happen.

Why is it so scary?
People are mostly afraid about the impact that taking the risk will have on their current day to day life. They are so used to feeling comfortable and safe in their present situation, that every change might feel like a possible threat to that. Even when that risk can bring such positive changes, the negative ones often weight through the most for many. People tend to visualize the worst-case scenario’s before even taking any steps. The amount of anxiety for losing control, failing, disappointment or losing what we already have can really influence the decisions that a person ultimately takes. But, if you are being truly honest to yourself. The reason that you even thought about taking that risk, the reason you even considered it for a second. Isn’t that because, deep down, you really long for a change? Isn’t it because something, deep inside, telling you that it is time for change? Because why would it otherwise even pop into your mind. And if a change is what you feel you need, then change is what has to happen. You should always follow your heart and gut feeling in this as only they can tell you the real truth about what it is that will bring you a life full of fulfillment.

Note: With taking risks I do not refer to life-threatening choices who contain the risk of life/death. In this post, I refer to risks who can be life-changing or enhancing.

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How Can Taking Risks Change Your Life For The Better?


You Learn How To Fail

The more risks you take, the more you will get used to the concept of ‘failing’. Because failing on its own is just a word. A word with no value. It’s you who is placing the meaning and value upon that word. And the more you get used to falling and getting up again, the more you’ll no longer see failing as something negative. It will no longer feel like the end of the world. It will just be an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. You will start to see it as a chance to make a change. Because failure in itself is not scary. It becomes scary when you decide to link failure with loss, disappointment or pain. But it doesn’t need to be like this. By taking more risks, you can start linking failure to chances, growth and new wisdom.

It Makes You More Confident Over Time

The more open you are in your approach toward life with all the good and the bads, the more your confidence will grow. A lot of the times, a low confidence level causes fears. And it’s those fears that are keeping you from taking further actions. But in the long run, not taking any further action will not challenge your growth, your self-awareness. It will keep you low in confidence. It will keep you hostage in your own created bubble. But from the moment that you’ll decide to pop that bubble and to face your fears, the more your confidence will grow because of the decreasing fears.

You Get To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

Risks can learn you a lot about yourself. It can reveal yet unknown skills, talents or capacities. Risks challenge you to dig deeper within yourself as risks often come with intense choice making. It will challenge you to explore your true desires and values in life. It will reveal what is most important to you eventually. And this can come with a huge growth of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

You Learn That Real Successes Comes From Own Dedication

The more you’re going to take risks, the more you will experience both failure and succeeding. And those successes will feel so much more satisfying than when it would be handed over to you. You’ll start to notice how capable you are if you are really willing to grow. You’ll start to feel how strong you are if you are really focused on your goals. Real successes come with growth. And as growth only can come with changes, you can only really experiences it by taking risks. Because change will always contain some sort of a risk.

You Learn How To Overcome Your Fears

As I mentioned before, fears can keep you from growing in life. And it’s only by facing those fears that you will be able to conquer them. Waiting is not an option. Fears don’t disappear by miracle, they only disappear by taking full responsibility in changing your perspective. So, by taking more risks in your life, you will experience the huge amount of perspectives there are in life. You will be more able to change your perspectives and to see your fears in another daylight. This will eventually make your fears fade. It will not longer be able control you, so it will no longer keep you from moving forward.

You Increase Your Comfort Zone

And a very obvious one. Taking more risks will increase your comfort zone. Every risk you will take, will not feel like a big of a risk as it used to be. The actions that you will take, will feel easier the next time. You’ll expand your comfort zone and therefore broaden your life options immensely.

Love & Joy

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