How To Improve Your Good Night’s Sleep

Nothing is as important as having a good night’s sleep if you want to function properly during the day. Are you a good sleeper or are you experiencing some struggles with this? When the answer on the second question is yes, then it’s time to make a change! Because sleep is one of the core foundations when it comes to your overall wellbeing and health.

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Why Is Sleep So Important?

Sleep and rest are making sure that your body gets the time to heal, both physically and mentally. Your muscles, tissue, skin,… they all need some time to restore from the past-day activities. It also gives your mind the chance and space to process the daily stimuli. Besides that, it increases your energy level to start your mornings fresh and lively. And don’t forget that it also gives you a boost of happiness and strength!

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What Happens When You Lack Sleep?

Lack of sleep causes:
– A weaker imuumsystem. So you get sick much more easily.
– You’ll crave unhealthy foods faster because of your low energy level. You’ll constantly crave foods that will give you a sugarboost.
– Your focus and concentration decreases. You can become confused and forgetful.
– Chances on depression and other physical issues increase. You become more sensitive and irritatable.
– You restore less quickly.
– Mistakes are made much faster. And this can have big concequences. For example. a car accident
– After a long period of lack sleep it can involve serious health risks!

So love your bed and make sure you sometimes crawl in it a little faster if your body asks for it! And if you feel like you do you to bed at a decent hour, but you still experience complaints of fatigue, then these following tips might help you.

Note: Make sure that there are no underlying physical problems. If in doubt, ask a doctor for advice.

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9 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep


1 Drink Some Sleep-Inducing Tea

Herbs like Chamomille and Valerian have a very soothing and calming effect on the body. They will ensure that the stress and nerves of the day get softened and reduced. Avoid tea’s like black and green tea as these have the complete opposite effect. They will boost your energy level. And that is not really what you want before going to bed.

2. Avoid Watching TV/Phone Before Going To Bed

Many people like to watch TV before bedtime or they are used to checking their phone before finally closing their eyes. But this makes your brain over-stimulated and therefore not completely ready to go take a nap. Don’t worry, I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to watch any television in the evening anymore. Nor should you be completely unreachable. But try to avoid this at least half an hour before bedtime. Rather do something like reading a book. This still stimulates your brain but at least it doesn’t have any flashing images. If you feel like you can’t resist taking the phone with you upstairs, then make sure you put on the blue filter. This filter is much calmer for your eyes as it reduces the stimuli a bit.

3. WIFI Off

You may not have thought of this right away, but when you connect with WIFI, this brings a lot of radiation. These radiations ensure that you unconsciously wake up faster and sleep restlessly. Because this mostly happens on an unconscious level, people often wonder why they keep on feeling so tired all of the time. And believe me, I speak out from experience. The moment that I started turning off my WIFI, my sleep quality increased immediately.

4. Breathing Exercises Or Meditation

Are you the type that keeps on worrying, in bed, about their experience of the past-day? Then breathing exercises or meditation might be the perfect solution for you. With these exercises, you need to put your full focus on your breathing or body experiences. So, no time to focus on stress. This ensures that your brain, nerves, and muscles become calmer and that more susceptible to sleep. If you find it difficult to focus on your breathing experience, you can always listen to some relaxation music or try the use of mantras.

5. Stimulate Your Dreams

Are you not a big fan of breathing exercises? Then you can also try this one. Stimulating your own dreams. Think about a nice memory from your past. For example an amazing holiday you’ve experienced. And now, travel back to that time inside of your mind’s eye. Remember as many details as you can. Recall your experience. How did you feel, what sounds did you hear, who was there with you, what were you doing,… Try to create a clear and positive image inside your mind. Stimulate yourself to fall asleep with a beautiful memory. I bet you will fall asleep with a smile on your face!

6. Sport And Work-Out

Sport and work-out on a regular base will give your body a better awareness when it comes to the difference between rest and tension moments. Then your body is able to better recognize when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to be alert. Your body will be more used to that quick transition.

7 Avoid Late Night Snacking

Are you someone who loves to snack before bedtime? I completely understand your feeling! This is something that I can relate to as well. And I guess many others also. You are not alone in this! But this isn’t always the perfect choice to make before bedtime. Definitely not when you crave sugar, fats or other unhealthy snacks. Because this makes your stomach feel full and your digestion still needs to do some extra working hours, now. And this doesn’t do your sleep any good. If you do feel like you want to snack late, then snack wisely. Choose a light snack with few sugars and low fats. Or maybe try to drink some water. Because, did you know that your ‘hunger’ feeling also can be because of a lack of hydration?

8. Ensure A Good Sleeping Spot

By this, I mean that the place where you sleep also has a lot of influence on your sleep rhythm. Provide yourself with a well-ventilated room that is completely dark and not too hot. There are various factors that can disturb your sleep, namely temperature, light, sound or no proper sleeping material. For example, a good mattress and pillow is a huge must when it comes to sleep quality! And if you don’t have any clue which ones to pick, ask for advice! This is not only a priority for your sleep rhythm but also for your back, neck and overall body.

9. Bachblossom

For those who are highly sensitive like me or for the huge worriers among us, I can also recommend Bach Flower. Bach flower is a herb that can suppress the worry and stress. In Bach blossoms therapy you have a few different kinds of herb mixes. So, in order to find the right kind that works best for you personally, you can ask the best advice from a professional.

Love & Joy

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  1. Slaap is zeker belangrijk. Toen mijn kinderen nog klein waren kreeg ik er soms niet genoeg van… En dat maakte me echt een vervelender persoon.


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