The 10 Motivational Benefits Of Meditating

I guess you heard of it already? Meditating. And I guess you also have some sort of picture in your mind of how it works. Or at least, how it looks like. But there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to meditating. Most of the time, when you ask people about meditating, they describe it as a person who is always sitting in a lotus position with a mind free from thoughts. The floaty misconception of meditation. But I can tell you this, this is far from the real truth. Besides that, meditating comes with many still quite unknown benefits. Benefits you should certainly be aware of. 

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What Is Meditating?

Meditating is a practice where you sit in a way that feels most comfortable for you. There are no rules in this. Besides that, meditating doesn’t mean being totally free from thoughts. Our minds will never be entirely free from thoughts. For a matter of fact, this isn’t even the goal of meditation. Meditating is the learning to become the observer of your thoughts, emotions and body experiences. You learn to notice them and accept them being there. You let them pass through you without any judgment or prejudice. It’s a practice where you learn to distance yourself from those thoughts and emotions. It’s a learning that teaches you that you are not your thoughts, nor your emotions, nor your entire body experience. You are the observer behind these objects. You learn to quiet and calm your mind so you can create a state of consciousness in which you no longer focus on your actively thinking. Instead, you focus on your entire being and internal experience in the here and now. It is a process where you grow your self-awareness to a much deeper and higher level.

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Top 10 Motivational Benefits


1. It Improves Focus

In meditation, you learn how to focus on the here and now. And every time you feel like your mind is wandering of you should try to return your focus back on your breathing. This helps you train your mind into becoming more focused and concentrated. It helps you to stay focused on one thing at a time without being pulled away by every passing thought or distraction. Because even though people often say that they can multitask. Our mind just isn’t created to multitask. And if we do, it will affect the results on both parties.

2. Reduces Stress-level

Feeling overloaded by stress? Then meditation is the perfect solution for you! It is scientifically proven that meditation is extremely effective when it comes to reducing stress. First of all, it helps you return into a state of deep physical rest. And this physical state of being, comes with a lot of positive healing effects when it comes to your mental state. It prevents you to react too impulsively in a cause of our natural fight/flight instinct. As this instinctive behavior is both caused by the response to the physical alerts and your thoughts. And if one of those is under control, you’ll be more able to manage the other as well. So, the more regularly you meditate, the more your body will adapt to this peaceful state of being. And the more you will be able to manage your thoughts in a thoughtful way. Even during the busiest moments of your day.

3. It Increases Self-Awareness

Meditating is all about reconnecting with your true inner self. It helps you become more aware of the natural process of your whole human experience. It gives you more clarity about your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and your fears. It helps you understand yourself on a much more deeper and profound level. In silence and stillness, you can explore your unlimited potential, you can discover new perspectives and create a whole new direction in your life path.

4. It Boosts Happiness

It is scientifically proven that meditating can increase the level of feel-good chemicals. Chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin. Besides that, the less you wander, the less your mind is inclined to worry or stress out. So training your brain into becoming more focused on the now, can really help you to feel more gratitude and happiness in the present.

5. It Slows Down The Aging Process

Stress is a big cause of speeding up the aging process. And as meditation reduces the stress-level, it also slows down the process of aging. Next to that, it also helps with improving your digestion and sleep. Both very important aspects when it comes to your health and revitalizing. Two keys for a longer youthful and well-cared body.

6. It Reduces Anxiety

Fear is caused by certain limiting beliefs that keep you from really finding any rest in your mind. Fear is a thought that doesn’t seem to go away unless you’ve faced it and you proved it wrong. With meditation, you can release yourself from fears that are kept on blocking your path. By meditating you start to acknowledge that you are not your thoughts nor are you your fears. Meditating helps you to detach yourself from those limiting behaviors by accepting that those limiting behaviors do not define you. They are false beliefs or misconceptions based on past negative experiences. These thoughts are trying to protect you from new possible hurt. Hurt that might never even happen. So, irrelevant and totally unnecessary of course!

7. It Improves Memory

The practice of focusing in on one particular experience at a time helps in achieving a more disciplined mind. And this will eventually prove in many of your other overall mental skills. Your brain will be more able to dive deeper into your stored memories. Besides that, meditating is all about living in the present. And it’s in the present that you are most capable to recall memories. Haven’t you noticed that when you focus too much on a memory of your past it just doesn’t seem to pop into your mind? But when you start to let it go, it suddenly appears in your mind’s eye again? Well, that is because you no longer concentrate on the past then.

8. It Tames The Monkey Mind

Meditating is one of the most effective ways to tame the monkey mind. By meditating you train your brain into becoming more still and centered. It improves your strength and power when it comes to controlling your thoughts. And that is what the monkey mind needs. Someone who calms it down when it starts to overreact and dramatize everything. And don’t try to resist its thoughts, just let those pass through you and don’t let yourself get carried away by it. It will calm down eventually because of your calm and peaceful state of being.

9. It Improves Patience

Meditating often asks some patience. Because the positive effects do not immediately come after a 10 min exercise. And this is where many give up. A lack of patience. A lot of the times, people don’t seem to persevere because it takes some effort and dedication. It takes willpower to try it again. Over and over again. And like I said before, it’s not just sitting down in a lotus position. It’s really focussing in on your inner self. It’s training your brain to stay focused on the present. It is training your brain to not get carried away by the many thoughts. And because it is just you and your thoughts, at that moment, it can be quite a challenge in the beginning. A challenge to not get stuck in the flow of your thoughts.

10. It Helps With Emotional Stability

Meditation allows you to look at your thoughts and emotions from a more objective and distant position. It makes you more aware of the interconnection between your thoughts, emotions and inner stories. This can help you gain a new and better perspective on situations. You’ll start to notice that you are not your thoughts nor your emotions. You are just the observer behind them. This means that your thoughts and emotions can’t control you unless you let them. You can start to manage them by learning why you act and react the way you do. You can learn how you can respond to them in the most effective and mindful way.

Love & Joy

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17 thoughts on “The 10 Motivational Benefits Of Meditating

  1. Ik ben net weer opnieuw begonnen met mediteren met behulp van de Headspace app, en ik merk dat het me inderdaad goed doet.


  2. Ik doe wel eens ademhalingsoefeningen en overdenk dan mijn gedachten zonder oordeel, bijvoorbeeld als ik de slaap niet goed kan vatten. Dan helpt het echt om stress te verminderen en het hoofd weer even rustig te krijgen.

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