Powerful 6-Step Plan: How To Stay Calm In Chaos

Does it sometimes feel like life is walking all over you? Like your head is all over the place and you can’t seem to find any peace in the storm? Big chance that your thoughts and emotions are managing you, instead of you managing them. You are getting all sucked up in the hustle and bustle of life. But don’t worry, this isn’t something unavoidable. All it takes is a bit of mind training. In this blog, I will give you a 6-step plan to restore the calm within the chaos.

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The Powerful 6-Step Plan


1. Notice

Become aware of your body tension, stress-level, thoughts, and emotional behavior. Become aware of how your body reacts on the situation and how your thoughts switch from one to another. Also feel how all of this affect your emotional state of being. Don’t judge, just notice without prejudice. Let it pass through you and start to notice details that you never noticed before. This can be your heavy breathing, specific facial expressions, automatic behavior, impulsive overreacting, muscle tension,… Become more familiar with how stress and chaos affect your peace of mind and physical wellbeing. Awareness is the first key step when it comes to self-development and becoming the change in your own life.

2. Pause

While you are focussing on every aspect of your body and mind experience, you should take a pause. Sit down for a second. Search for a peaceful place with little distraction and get yourself in a comfortable position. Give yourself the time and space to get closer with the core of your being. There is nothing more powerful than allowing yourself a break in a world where rush seems the obligation.

3. Slow Down And Breath

Now, get your mind calm by slowing down your breathing. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it flow out. Don’t try to suppress your thoughts as what you suppress will return magnified. Just let them pass through you, accept for them being there but don’t let yourself get carried away with them. Just focus on your breathing. And every time you feel like your mind starts to wander, notice it and return your focus on your breathing. After a while you will feel that your body tension will get looser, your thoughts will become less dramatic and your emotions will feel less intense. You will start to return to the center of your being. That inner peace of mind.

4. Identify

When you feel like the calm within yourself has returned, then you should start to question yourself. ‘Why do I feel like this?’, ‘What caused that sudden feeling of chaos?’, ‘What can I do to feel less impacted by this?’, ‘What is my responsibility in this inner unrest?’, ‘How can I change the way I react?’ This is the moment where you start to question why you do the things you do. This can be very powerful as it helps you to look deeper within yourself. It can help you to find answers you never were aware of before. Questioning yourself is accepting your own responsibility in how you act, react or behave. And empowerment and growth only come with accepting your responsibility in your own life course.

5. Take Back Control

It’s from the moment that you become more aware of where your thoughts and emotions come from, that you can start to take back control. You can now react and act in a way that is relevant and well-overthought. You can now see where it is that YOU can make a change in this situation. How YOU can take responsibility to bring back the calm in the situation.

6. Let Go

And last but definitely not the least. It’s time to let go of the things that were creating tension, stress or chaos before. Let go of your attachment to it. Whatever it may be. For example, the fear of losing someone you love, the disappointment in a friend, the anger that you felt because you lost your job,…Just let go of the tension that you placed on it. This tension will not serve you in any way. It can only make the situation worse. So, let it go and regain that inner peace that will guide you to the right solutions.

Love & Joy

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15 thoughts on “Powerful 6-Step Plan: How To Stay Calm In Chaos

  1. Stap 1 is het belangrijkst vind ik. Weten dat je paniek/stress hebt en dan kunnen beginnen met relativeren in plaats van paniekeren dat je je zo voelt.


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