Improve Your Physical Health With These 6 Simple Ways

Your body is your carrier throughout life. Without your body, you wouldn’t be able to walk here, on planet earth. You wouldn’t be able to experience this life as a human being. This means that your body is your temple. Precious and essential. Therefore, your body should be taken care of with an attitude of gratitude and love. Nevertheless is body health something that many take for granted. Its importance and benefits are often underestimated and put aside. Something that is very unfortunate since good physical health can increase your life quality enormously.

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Why Do Many People Take Physical Health For Granted?

A lot of the times the problem isn’t really a total unawareness of its importance. It is more because it just feels easier to not focus on it at all. Or at least for those who were living their entire lives in quite an unhealthy way. Because it does require some dedication and willpower to break those old habits! But really, once you did, it gets easier every day! And let’s be honest, many of us need to go through a transition phase when it comes to changing from unhealthy (or mindless) to healthy ways. (or mindful) So if other people can do it, why not you?

Most common excuses:

➼ Choosing comfort over health:
Aren’t you a big fan of cooking? Do you feel like you lack time to make a proper healthy meal? Are do you always feel too tired to work-out? No, no, not a good excuse to choose unhealthy above healthy. Not at all! There are already so many options on the market to make a healthy and quick meal. Besides that, you can do your workouts at home or you can just decide to get that lazy ass out of the sofa. No time for excuses.

Oh yes, and do you feel like you lack inspiration when it comes to healthy food? Well, the internet might become your best friend in this!

Check out: (inspiration paradise for cooking)

➼ Social influences
Are you a very extravert person? Do you love to meet up with friends or family a lot? Does this always include food and drinks? Then this might be a tricky one for many. I get it! You don’t want to be seen as the ‘boring’ one or the ‘abnormal’ one. So you rather choose to skip the healthy choices for a moment to not fall out of tune. Understandable? In some way yes. Is it an excuse? No! Just be yourself and own it! Don’t be afraid to be authentic. You want people eventually to like you for who you are, right? So, if you want to stick with more healthy choices then you should not let anyone else influence this. This can be about eating healthier, choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet or maybe even skipping on alcohol. No matter what it is, you should never try to hide that you really care about your wellbeing. Inspire others instead!

➼ The taste
The transition from greasy, sugary or salty foods to healthy foods may take some time since your taste buds need to adjust to these new flavors. Sugar, salt, and fats can be quite addictive. So it is a process of letting go and readapt. But don’t worry! Over time, your taste buds will be so adapted to those healthy options that you will even crave them. And this may sound impossible to you right now. But did you ever give it a try? With the right mindset and dedication, you will be surprised by the results.

➼ The misconception of ‘not enough choice’
This is a misconception that I hear a lot! Definitely when you choose a more plant-based diet over meat, dairy or any animal product. But it is the 21 century. There are so many options available, you wouldn’t even believe it! Yes, there is enough choice! So no reason to keep on grabbing pre-prepared meals!

Balanced rocks

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

If you do want to make that change in your life and you want to include more healthy choices. Perfect! I’ll give you 6 simple ways to improve your health. And don’t worry, these aren’t extreme life-changing steps. These are just easy ways to grow from your unhealthy diet to a more healthy one. Step by step. Better to take it slow with success than to rush it with no control.


1) Stay Hydrated

Our body consists at least a 70 % out of water. We sweat an average of one liter a day. And when it’s hot outside and you did some workouts this can even go up to 7 liters a day. This means that it is crucial to keep up the balance between losing water and adding water. And I don’t mean soda, energy drinks or alcohol. I mean real water. Because artificial drinks may give you some hydration but they will eventually give you a lot more bad toxins. Something that you definitely want to avoid! Or be at least moderately with it. Besides that, drinking clear water comes with many other benefits. It boosts skin health, it regulates body temperature, the digestive system depends on it, it flushes away bad toxins, it prevents kidney damage and it can even help you lose weight. So moderate the artificial drinks and choose water more often! You can also opt for coconut or cucumber water which is also healthy and VERY delicious!

2) Eat To Live

This might sound obvious but in reality, many people don’t eat just to live. People also eat out of boredom, addictive taste, emotional reasons, habit or even social influence. And it is not that you are not allowed to enjoy your foods of course! But there is a big difference between overeating because of an addictive flavor or eating slower and enough just to be able to enjoy its sweet taste. Besides that, it is very important to be aware of the foods that you put into your mouth. Don’t randomly eat foods to fill up your tummy. Eat mindfully, thoughtful and smart. Give your body the nutrients that it needs instead of only feeding the mind with what it longs for.

3) Move Your Body

Exercise can offer so many health benefits! Both mentally as well as physically. Think about: reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing energy levels, making happier, strengthening brain health and memory,… You can’t even imagine how powerful and effective daily exercises can be on your overall health. This doesn’t mean that you need to run to the closest gym to buy yourself a subscription. If you want, you can just start with doing some exercises at home. Maybe try some yoga or go for a run outside. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ride your bike and leave the car at home. Be creative! And even more important, make it fun!

4) Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health and body health are interconnected. If you want to improve your body health, you need to look at your mental state as well. Why? Well, if you are feeling emotional or mentally unstable, this can make you weaker and less controlled. And this can ultimately lead to emotional eating, overeating, craving sugar or unhealthy foods. It can even make you grab too much alcohol, drugs or any other addictive product. So make sure that your mental health is fine. Some great ways to improve your mental health are, for example, meditation, expressive movements, expressing yourself verbally, get into nature, do more of what you love, doing gratitude practices,… and so much more!

5) Go Outside And Breath

Spend some time outside every day! Being outside can improve your health in many ways. It helps you gain some fresh new oxygen, it helps you to appreciate the smallest details, it gives you a boost of vitamins and it helps to reduce stress, anxiety or depression. Next, to that, it is just a fun way to become more relaxed. There is so much beauty outside. Things that we often oversee in the bustle of our lives.

6) Having A Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep. This is a very important key to improving your overall health. Because having a good night sleep not only improves your body healthy, it also improves your mental health. At that time your body and mind are getting the chance to recover, process information and emotions, regain energy and prepare for the next day. So make sure that you get enough hours of sleep every night. And not in the 4 hours – 12 hours way. It may seem easier to add some extra hours instead of recovering from the lost ones. But in the end, those added hours will not make up from the lost ones. Give your body the recovery stability that it needs. And if you feel like you are having troubles with sleeping, try to do some meditation, yoga or breathing exercises. Or try taking a warm bath, have a late night walk or eat some small sleep generating foods like oatmeal, cherries, warm nut milk or tea.

7) Connect With Positive Souls

Only surround yourself with positive people. Their positivity can be a great boost for your mental health which will automatically improve your physical health. They can be inspiring, motivating and life-enhancing. Besides that, you can also ask those people to come to join you for a group workout or to go for a long nature walk. And you know what the best part is? In the long run, your positive energy will start to attract the same kind of energy that is in total alignment with you. That is the power of the law of attraction. You attract what you send out. So start smiling, embrace those positive souls, be grateful and attract that Sunshine into your life.

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Love & Joy

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22 thoughts on “Improve Your Physical Health With These 6 Simple Ways

  1. Love this! It is so important to eat not just cause it’s that time of the day you have to stuff food into your body, but seeing it as fuel/nourishment for you to live!

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  2. Een goede gezondheid is een groot geschenk, daar ben ik me zeker van bewust. Ik doe dan ook zoveel mogelijk om een handje te helpen, maar je weet het helaas nooit….

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  3. Vind die laatste tips zelf helemaal waar. Merk ook dat buitenlucht belangrijk is dus probeer er ook op dagen dat ik niks ga doen even uit te gaan.

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