How To Find Out Your True Life Purpose

Are you currently at a job, place or education that you don’t like? Do you feel like, what you are doing, isn’t giving you the right amount of fulfillment? Does it feel like you are missing an important piece in life? Are you constantly scratching your head because you don’t know what it is that you should be doing here on planet earth? Then it’s maybe because you do not quite know yet what your true life purpose is. And maybe, at this moment, you aren’t really doing what your heart ultimately longs for.

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Don’t Worry, You’ll Get There

This feeling of lack can cause a feeling of emptiness, unfulfillment, and dissatisfaction. But don’t worry, you’ll get there. You will get to that point where you know exactly what it is that you were meant to be doing. The path where you will thrive on is just a blink of awareness away. You just need to take your time to dive deep into your own being. Look for that piece that you feel like is missing. Look for that part of you that you are not serving. And to do that, I’ll share with you some amazing tips that may help you out.

Change is constant

But you do need to know and understand that change is constant. This means that interests and life goals may change during your life. So don’t just look for your basic life goals. Look for the deeper values that are driving you. And don’t see change as a failure when suddenly what you were working for doesn’t really feel like, IT, anymore. See every aspect of your life as a path worthy of your gratitude. Every detail, every step, every experience is a step toward the bigger picture. Life lessons who you should embrace as a chance to further growth.

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Here Are Some Tips On How To Find Your True Life Purpose


1. Spend Some Time Alone

Yes, in order to find what you truly desire in life, it is crucial to spend some time alone. Alone with you and your thoughts. This is the place where many people don’t like to be because of the discomfort they feel with their own presence. But one can only discover their true desires if one is comfortable enough with who they are. Besides that, you will not find the answers on the lips of another. You’ll only find it in a place, quiet enough, to hear the voice of your heart. If you genuinely want to find the path you were meant to walk, you need to listen to where your heart wanders when you managed to control your mind. A task that can only be completed without any disturbing distractions.

2. Go Into Nature

Nature is a peaceful place that will give you the right amount of inspiration and motivation to dig deep into yourself. Nature is also the best place to become more aware of the universal energy. It creates more of a oneness. Oneness with everything and everyone around you. And this feeling of oneness can give you a source of belief. Believe in yourself and your capacities. It can give you a feeling of not being alone, even when you sitting there all by yourself. It’s like an energy field that can create a feeling of bliss and universal understanding.

3. Do More Of What You Love

This might sound so simple and easy, but its importance is often so underestimated. A lot of the times, people put what they WANT to do on a lower priority scale, than the things they MUST do. And then life can start to feel like one big unsatisfying task. So, if you want to figure out what your heart truly longs for, you need to start acting on it. Don’t push away the things that make you feel good. Dare to put those WANTS before your MUSTS. Because no one can keep on growing in life by simply focusing on the MUSTS. Because MUSTS are mostly not focused on the self. They are more focused on the other. And to keep on growing and thriving in life you must look for the perfect balance. Serve yourself first in order to be able to serve others in the best way you can.

4. Start Listening To Your Gut Feeling

There are three internal voices. The voice of the mind, in other words, the thoughts. The voice of the heart and the voice of the gut feeling. The voice of the mind is that voice who is constantly influenced by external events, rules, assumptions, meanings, and judgments. This is the voice that you shouldn’t take so seriously all of the times. Because this voice is unpredictable and precarious. It is the voice that you should learn to manage before it manages you, as it will otherwise confuse you and lead you further from your true self. The voice of the heart tells you what you want. It is the place where you can find your true desires. But to fully feel sure of yourself, you should learn to also listen to your gut feeling, the permission giver. This is the voice who validates what the heart said to you. It is the voice that will give you the right amount of confidence to actively pursue those desires. It helps you to make the wise decision to follow through with it.

5. Don’t Ask Others

This is a very common mistake. We often tend to ask, what it is that we should do, to others. But like I mentioned before. You can’t find the answers to that question on the lips of another. Other people can only base their answers on their own past experiences, their meanings or assumptions. Sources who may not be in alignment with the person that you are. Finding who you are is something you can only find within yourself. Don’t try to pull it out of someone else’s mouth. This will only lead to a misleading answer that might push you even further from the real truth.

6. Don’t Try To Find A Quick Fix Way

I know you can find many promising ‘quick fixes’ online. Think about quizzes, question lists, digital offers,… And yes, those quizzes like ‘Find your life purpose’, ‘What job fits you best’, ‘Figure out your passion’ might be fun to do once in a while. But don’t base your truth on these. These are far away from the truth. Often they don’t even give you a small indication. They can only make it more confusing and complex when you suddenly get an answer that totally feels like the opposite of your whole own belief. So just look at those as fun entertainment, nothing more.

7. Look Back Into Your Childhood

Look back to those moments of your childhood. Before late primary school. Think about those times in kindergarten or maybe the beginning of primary school. What were your interests? What did you love to do? Who did you want to become? These can often be great indicators of your deepest values. You shouldn’t take those too literally of course! As these memories are based on your past childish vision. Look at those memories through the eyes of your childbeing with the wisdom of your present self. See what you can learn from it. Because as a child, you mostly live by your gut feeling, your intuition. You are not driven by work, difficult tasks, appearance,… You just do what feels good. These memories may help you out in figuring out your true desires, your life purpose.

8. Trust The Path And Find Answers In The Smallest Experiences

Have a little bit of trust in your journey. Don’t try to rush it! Look around and enjoy every moment. Often you can find the most wisdom in the smallest experiences. So relax, experience and learn. The more you live in the present with a positive attitude and vibrating energy, the more chance you’ll attract exactly that what you need.

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Love & Joy

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11 thoughts on “How To Find Out Your True Life Purpose

  1. Point 5 is an important one. Although you have to bounce your ideas of others eventually, do that in a later stage of your thought process. Once you made up your mind a bit. And even then, prepare yourself that some people might be downright negative. Keep in mind that is more about them than it is about you.

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    1. Yes indeed! We can appreciate the opinions of those who mean well but we should never blindly accept it for being the only truth for us. As no one is more of an expert of our lives than we are ourselves. It is important to really listen to yourself when it comes to defining your life purpose. Only you know the exact answer.


  2. Nuttige tips, maar nr 5 is een beetje in tegenspraak met de rest van het artikel: geen raad aan anderen vragen, maar toch geef je zelf wel tips die anderen tot zich zouden moeten nemen 😀


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