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Digital nomads, free souls, online entrepreneurs, laptop life chasers, travel dreamers, travelers, holistic-minded, health searchers, spiritual-minded, pure and fierce minded, YOU, everybody is welcome!


Welcome Beautiful Souls!

As a Holistic Life & Digital Nomad Coach, I can help people like you to become your greatest version! I want to guide you through your path of pursuing your ultimate passions, to follow your most wanted dreams and to ultimately create your own dream life. A life created out of free-will and own personal visions. My mission is to help you grow in both self-awareness, personal development, health in mind and body, find your passioned career and life fulfillment. Together we will create the “perfect” life balance between mind, body, soul, passion and, spirit. Together we will create your life by own choice. With the number of options there are in life, doubts can easily sneak into your mind. Because of that, making life decisions alone can be quite difficult. Together with the influences of limited beliefs from our past, fears and lack of self-love, this can feel like a big challenge! Well, this is where I come in, the well-meant outsider with a mission to help you out! Your personal life coach who will guide you into unlocking your full potential, finding your life purpose and becoming your greatest version.

> If you are dreaming of pursuing the digital nomad kind of life.
> If you just want to live the freedom life and live more mindful and healthy.
> If you feel like you can’t figure out your true life purpose.

> If you want to earn money online on your passion and live the laptop life.
> If you want to reconnect with yourself and your deepest desires.
> If you just want to figure out what the heck you want to do in your life.

And of course

> If you need some help with your own online business 
> If you need some advice and coaching around the use of social media

You are at the right address!


  Tools like:
– blogs
– video’s
– e-books (soon)
– online courses (soon)
– online coaching (soon)
Are here to help you out throughout your life-changing process

From contents like creating your own online business, living the fulltime nomad lifestyle, traveling around the world, 
creating a mindful mind, a healthy living and a freedom life to being creative and active through your whole life journey.

Love & joy x

~ Always Keep Having a Pure Heart and Fierce Mind ~

Image of me sitting at the beach while watching the sunset





IMAGINEImage of a woman who is sitting in a hammock with a laptop on her lap

That you could wake up every day knowing that you will not have to work another day in your life. Imagine that you could turn your passions into your career, making your business the most wonderful hobby to have.
Doing this will not only change your life, it will change your vision on work completely. It will feel like you are totally living up to your full potential, being the best version of yourself every minute of the day. All by creating your
own self-made freedom life.



A girl who enjoys her freedom life in a mindful way at the beachGROW

Every day a bit more by choosing to love yourself deeper, make yourself wiser and open your heart wider. Creating a life where you are in complete balance between your mind, body, soul, passion, and spirit. Totally living in the present, fully accepting the here and now. Your passion being the gift to yourself and your purpose being the gift towards others.



FEELImage of a beautiful and colorful healthy smoothiebowl

More healthy and energetic during the day by choosing the right nutrition and the best food sources. Feel more fit and strong by exercising your body regularly. Create a mindful and healthy relationship with your food and workouts. Start to embrace yourself because your body is your child to nurture, it’s your responsibility to take.


                                      Image of a girl who sits on wood watching a beautiful mountain view


The world and your possibilities and don’t let anything stop you! Overcome every fear of failing or taking risks by looking challenges right into the eyes. Become a person who people call pure, strong, fierce and independent. Become a person who has an amazing story to tell.



As a life mentor and free spirit coach, I want to see you all succeed in life in the most beautiful and wonderful ways. Use your pure heart, fierce mind, brave spirit!